Hiking map Scale 1:20.000 2023 Edition Printed on Polyart

Experience the allure of Sifnos with the fully revised 4th edition of our hiking and touring map. Enriched with exclusive, field-collected information spanning the entire island, this map is your key to unlocking the beauty of Sifnos.

Blessed with over 150 km of age-old trails and cobbled paths weaving through its picturesque landscapes, Sifnos stands out as a uniquely captivating hiking destination. Our hiking map portrays all these trails, setting itself apart as the sole guide providing precise point-to-point distances, allowing you to plan your individual hiking trip.

Discover the island's charm through the 19 marked hiking routes of the SIFNOS TRAILS network, each marked on the map with color shading and numbering (from 1 to 10A). On the reverse side, delve into a concise presentation of each waymarked route within the Sifnos Trails network, along with additional suggested routes to enhance your exploration.

True to TERRAIN's commitment, the map not only showcases the complete road network but also highlights all beaches, from the largest to the most secluded coves. Cultural and natural attractions are featured, providing a comprehensive guide for your journey.

Our map also offers a brief overview of the island's rich history and natural environment. Explore the most significant tourist attractions, with special highlights on the ancient towers and countryside chapels, adding cultural depth to your Sifnos journey.