Hiking map Scale 1:20.000 2018 Edition Printed on Polyart

The third edition of the hiking map of Sifnos has been completely redesigned, and is enriched with new and updated information collected exclusively in the field, and from across the entire island.

Sifnos is blessed to have preserved more than 300 km of age-old trails and cobbled paths crossing the entire island, making it a uniquely beautiful hiking destination. All of the trails are accurately depicted on this hiking map of Sifnos, the only one to mark point-to-point distances. The 19 hiking routes of the SIFNOS TRAILS network of waymarked trails are represented on the map with colour shading and their official numbering (from 1 to 10A). On the back side you will find a brief presentation of each of the waymarked routes of the Sifnos Trails network as well as some other suggested routes.

Also included is a concise overview of the myths and history of the island, the natural environment, the most important tourist attractions, with a special mention to the ancient towers and the countryside chapels, as well as recommendations on where to eat and where to stay.