Hiking map Scale 1:25.000 2018 Edition Printed on Polyart

The second edition of the hiking map of Tzia has been completely redesigned, and is enriched with new and updated information collected exclusively in the field, and from across the entire island.

It is the only map of Tzia which depicts all the hiking trails of the island with accurate distance measurements from junction to junction. The 14 signposted hiking routes on Tzia are represented with colour shading and labelled using the official numbering system.

Unfortunately the signposting of the trails is not adequate and many waymarks are damaged or poorly maintained, while in many parts the trails are overgrown with vegetation. However, with this hiking map of Kea in hand, you will be able to follow the trails without getting lost, as all the trails and points of interest are accurately and clearly shown on the map.

On the back of the map can be found detailed instructions for each of the signposted hiking routes with diagrams of their elevation profile and information tables showing route distance, hiking time, and the total elevation and descent.

Also included is a concise overview of the island's geography and natural environment and its most important tourist attractions.