Hiking map Scale 1:35.000 2019 Edition Printed on Polyart

The 3rd edition of the hiking map of Ikaria has been completely redesigned, and is enriched with new and updated information collected exclusively in the field.

It is the only walking map of Ikaria which depicts all the footpaths and trails of the island with accurate distance measurements from junction to junction. The most picturesque routes, forest roads and the rural roads which criss cross the most scenic areas of Ikaria are portrayed using green colour shading.

There are no signposted hiking routes on Ikaria, but it is nevertheless a top destination for hiking with dozens of trails criss crossing every corner of the island. TERRAIN’s hiking map depicts with absolute precision 120 kilometres of footpaths and trails and is an essential tool for you to enjoy unique walking experiences on this island. On the back of the map there is an extensive information section with analytical descriptions of 11 suggested hiking routes to enjoy here.

In addition to the information on the paths on the back of the map you will find information on the history, mythology, nature and the most important sights to see on the island.