Hiking map Scale 1:12.500 2022 Edition Printed on Polyart

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Meteora is an imposing landscape with overwhelming rock formations hosting the second largest monastic complex in Greece.

The hiking map of Meteora at a 1:12.500 scale is an excellent guide to this unique cultural and natural monument. It shows all the trails and paths in the area, not only those that lead to the popular monasteries but also those that cross the dense oak forests in the wider area around the rocks of Meteora. The detailed scale offers a very clear and legible depiction of the trails, while accurately marking all attractions and points of interest such as the monasteries, chapels, springs, museums, guesthouses and more.

As there are no trail markings on the paths -to date -, we have selected 9 hiking routes of all difficulty levels, from simple strolls to full-day traverses, and marked them on the map with distinct shading so you can walk them with comfort and safety.

The entire back of the map is dedicated to the two most important aspects of Meteora: the monasteries, for which there is a concise guide, and the trails, for which there are descriptions of the 9 proposed hiking routes, with total length and running time for each of them.