Hiking map Scale 1:15.000 2010 Edition Printed on Polyart

Sikinos is one of the best islands in the Aegean for hiking. Here one can reconnect with the beauty and the heritage of the past, walking on the old paths and kalderimia (cobbled tracks) which cross over fields and lead the walker to impressive relics of the past, ending up on deserted natural beaches.

This hiking map of Sikinos, created by TERRAIN with a detailed scale of 1:15:000, depicts with utmost accuracy all the trails on the island, with precise distance measurements from junction to junction, and of course it also shows the full road network, as well as all the places of interest.

On the reverse side of the map there are detailed descriptions of 10 suggested hiking routes as well as overviews of the history, the natural environment and the most important sights of Sikinos.