Touring map Scale 1:50.000 2009 Edition Printed on Polyart

Lemnos is an island with its own unique character and TERRAIN ’s detailed map will guide you to its many interesting sights and most beautiful areas. You will find low rolling hills shaped by the winds coming in off the sea, rocks with strange formations, hot springs, a petrified fossil forest which bears witness to the volcanic origins of this large island, pink flamingoes and thousands of other migratory birds. Lemnos has a long history, with over 6000 years of human habitation, and there is much of archaeological interest to see. It also has a lovely capital town Myrina, which stretches around two bays and where you will find a Venetian castle inhabited by deer!

On the back of the map you will find information sections on Lemnos' history, geography and the most important places to visit, as well as a detailed map of the capital town on a scale of 1:3.500.